Clinical Results and pathological findings are a major means of assessing patient's health conditions.

The pathologists, with their specialized training supervise laboratory investigations. Pathological tests are carried out by a team of highly trained professional scientists, trained pathological technicians and skilled support staff to ensure that the results arrived at are correct and accurate.

  • Step1 Collection of sample

    The first step is sample collection. A doctor or a trained nurse does this in normal cases.
  • Step 2 Labelling the sample

    The next step is to correctly label the sample. Labels are affixed on the tube. Patient name, specimen identification number and the lab-id allotted for that patient test is mentioned on the label.
  • Step 3 Transporting the sample

    The sample is transported to our main laboratory at patna which has ultra modern facilities and eqipments to undertake specialized tests. The samples are transported the same day or next day early morning for correct and timely results.
  • Documenting the specimen

    Samples are picked up and handed over to respective departments
  • Step 5 Conducting Tests

    Tests are conducted at fully equipped facilities of our main laboratory at Bihar.
  • Step 6 Documenting Results

    Results are verified and made available at various Collection centres from where patient can collect report. Reports are also made available at our website for Doctors and Patients.